Cradles n' Crayons is now in The Hawaii Group family as part of HiHealthCare
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About Us

Cradles n’ Crayons (CNC), a pediatric nursing agency is owned and operated since 2005 by Lorelei Crowder and Leona Hudson. CNC provides professional, s afe, and quality nursing care in the comfort of home while incorporating a family centered atmosphere suited to nurture a child’s optimal growth and development.

Our service offers the opportunity for caregivers to maintain professional obligations, participate in personal activities, and perform basic activities of daily living outside of the home setting while their medically fragile child is cared for by a skilled pediatric nurse.

Mission Statement

Respect, dignity, and the spirit of aloha is the core of our nursing care. Cradles n’ Crayons believe that our medically fragile children deserve the highest quality of nursing care delivered with professionalism, competency, and love.

About Us

Lorelei R. Crowder

Cradles N’ Crayons Pediatric Nurse
Company Owner & Nursing Supervisor

Lorelei worked as a Registered Nurse at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children and Queen’s Medical Center before starting Cradles N’ Crayons with Leona.


About Us

Leona Hudson

Cradles N’ Crayons Pediatric Nurse
Company Owner & Nursing Supervisor

Leona worked as a Registered Nurse at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children, Castle Community Care and Sunrise Children’s Hospital before starting Cradles N’ Crayons with Lorelei.